Transverse Temporal Gyrus
Welcome to Transverse Temporal Gyrus, where you can experience the installation we did with Danny Perez at the Guggenheim Museum in New York in March, 2010. That night Danny designed an immersive visual environment for people to hear a sound installation made of brand new songs and sounds we composed for the event. Over the course of a three hour period, a computer program designed by Stephan Moore deconstructed our sounds, randomly recombined their stems into new pieces, and panned the new pieces through a 36 channel surround sound system we installed on the museum lobby's spiral ramp. Through this site, you can download the program, which will perform the audio in a new and unique way each time you run it, and while listening, we encourage you to go into Danny's mind by exploring the images and videos that he created. Enjoy - AC
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Music Player

    Download Instructions
  1. click the link to download the .zip package
  2. unzip the file on your computer (Mac expands to 1.6G, PC to 1.3G)
  3. double-click the application to launch, and follow the onscreen instructions to play Transverse Temporal Gyrus

Max/MSP Code

    For those interested in Max/MSP.
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